The Wave

by Jeanne Belovitch

She was in a small, brown, wooden house. A one-room house situated in a valley with beautiful green grass. The house was isolated; and from the side window, you could see a dirt road begin almost immediately outside of the house and go on into the distance.

Toward the end or where the eyes could no longer see was a huge wave, almost 50 feet high; but it never seemed to crash or break. There were also high mountains toward the end of the road on either side of it.

The woman peered through the window daily trying to understand what was at the end of the road and to see the wave that never broke. She had come to the house from the other direction. She decided that it was far too dangerous to walk down the dirt road because the wave might break and sweep her into the ocean.

One afternoon, she was pleasantly enjoying this house when the phone rang. The person on the other end said, "All people in rented houses, must leave immediately. The wave is going to break and will kill you." The woman started packing her things frantically. Then, there was a knock on the door.

A younger woman was being shown the house. The other woman looked at her quizzically, feeling that she had known this woman before.

"Didn't you hear," the woman said alarmingly, "the wave is going to break, we all must leave the house?" "No, No," the gentleman said, who had the same voice as the man on the phone. "Only you have to leave the house my dear woman. This woman will come to live in the house once you've left. Not any sooner."

The woman decided to stay and meet the wave.

Everyday the man called to warn her about the wave. Everyday the woman went to the window to see if it was about to crash. But the wave stood tall, 50 feet high as it appeared. The days went by, even years perhaps. The grass grew high around the house, and no one came to cut it down.

One of the only other voices the woman heard was that of the man's on the phone. Every day. At the same time. Then unannounced, he would arrive at the house with the young woman. She was waiting to live in the house, wanting the woman to leave. The house held much promise for her, hardly any for the woman. Or so it seemed. The woman did not budge. But as she remained and the younger one waited, they grew closer together. The man shock his head.

One day after many difficult sleeps, the woman decided to meet the wave. She tumbled out of the window on the side of the house onto the dirt road. She was surprised to see no houses along the road, just the emerging sight of the huge wave beckoning. Her heart pounded with the impending danger.

She came closer and closer to the wave. Safe enough away from it, sat the young woman on top of a bolder.

Finally, the woman stood at the threshold of the wave. It began it’s 50 foot descent. The wave came crashing down, thrusting forward ferociously. The woman stood motionless waiting for it to embrace her. The wave took her as its own. She went willing as if it was a lover. One could see flashes of the colors of her clothes as the woman disappeared within the blue. The man wept.

The next day, the younger woman moved into the small, brown, wooden house.

Copyright©2005 Jeanne Belovitch