How to Make Reading a Party
by Jeanne Belovitch

Here is a book that makes Family Literacy FUN at home. Help improve your children's reading and writing skills at home by playing these literacy games: Fishing for the Right Words; Word Soccer; The Learning Tree; Juggling for A's; Mapping the United States of America; and The Yes I Can Game.

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The booklet How to Make Reading a Party teaches parents how to make inexpensive literacy games with the whole family and how to deliver them at home with family and friends. The concept for each reading/writing game is to teach parts of speech; sentence structure; spelling; and new words in a FUN way and in a FUN environment.

Inside this 26-page booklet are diagrams, templates, lists of words and motivational messages to get parents and children started. The games can be played with children ages 5-12 years old.

How To Make Reading a Party is based on hundreds of surveys given to children who participated in the Project Parents Reading Parties in Boston, MA over a period of two years. Nearly 70% of the children expressed a positive interest in playing the Project Parents reading/writing games at home with their parents.

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