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Workshop Binders

Here's an Easy Way to Lead Parent Information Workshops

    Now, you can lead parent education workshops that speak to the most basic and systemic concerns of parents and educators. Each workshop is presented in a self-contained binder with bulleted information for easy delivery or for overhead projection; the actual script for detailed information; and from three-30 handouts, depending on the subject. These workshops are designed for parents and school staff of elementary and middle school children.

    We suggest that a workshop be comprised of 12 parents for a training time of 2 1/2 - 3 hours. These workshops generate lots of interaction, so with more parents be prepared for a longer training time. The price for the set of six individual workshop binders is on a sliding scale to accommodate school budgets. You can also purchase these workshop binders individually. For more information, please call Jeanne Belovitch at 617-755-5735 or email .

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