Out of the Jungle

by Jeanne Belovitch

She felt her beginnings came out of the jungle-- her primordial self, the beginning of her depth, somewhere out of Africa.

She knew people were always trying to get back to their beginning, when everything was combustible and harmonious, all at the same time. Some think sex gets one back to the beginning, and it does to a good degree. Others try to get back with drugs or alcohol. But the way back is through divine love and an incredible connection with everything living. She understood all of this so well, so intuitively, so expansively.

Art, whether one is the artist or the one appreciating the art, brings us back to a strong presence of the beginning; writing, whether the author or the reader, brings us back to this same sensation. But the thoughts of the jungle, of wild animals, of dark, green lush vegetation, of ebony bodies bring her back to the beginning. To the beginning that seems to explode with an abundance of life too big to even imagine. And all you can do is sink into and mesh within a reality that lasts forever, with no beginning nor end.