Theirs is a love match

by Jeanne Belovitch

Three-and-a-half years ago, the German-born, former Angelika Pfannenberg stepped into John Newcombe's world of hard-hitting tennis balls, soaring jets, and cheering crowds. And she's been enjoying it ever since.

Angie Newcombe, the wife of Australia's celebrated tennis player, says she doesn't mind in the least being married to a crowd pleaser.

"I'd rather be married to one like that than to someone people boo," she said, admitting that John was even the exact kind of man she'd often thought about---"tall, blondish, sports-minded, and broad shouldered." The Newcombes were here for would start playing tennis at about seven, but that it depended upon how strong he was. She couldn't play herself until age 10 because of her slight build. But in time she ranked high among the amateurs in Germany.

When she and her husband return to their home in Sydney, Australia, however, they become an average married couple, entertaining friends at least once a week.

On tour, however, their life is less placid. Mrs. Newcombe said that even after watching John compete for three years she still gets butterflies. "Most people comment on how relaxed I am but they don't know hwat's happening inside."

With this same kind of outward calmness, she helps her husband get through the bad days on the court.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor, Boston, MA; 1969